March Madness

Dear friends and associates, let me bring you up to date on the interesting world of safety toe overshoes.

Recently, yet another imitator came out of the woodwork and his marketing strategy is to undercut prices. We have no problem with this as we’ll match him dollar for dollar.

We have been rather fortunate over the years to  have developed an excellent rapport with our distributors. Some of them have called us and made us aware of our newest imitator’s offerings.

Let me quote from an email we received from one of our customers:

“I am looking at records showing that we first brought in your product in February of 2006. Your company has provided us with a great product and excellent service for a number of years and I would like for us to continue to do business together.”

We humbly thank this buyer for his honesty and integrity. As well we have also received similar comments from other associates.

We take pride in the fact that our product is made in North America with components mainly from Mexico, the USA and Canada. We believe that we can compete favourably with Asian and other knockoffs as they cannot duplicate our quality and service. We have had offers to make our product in Asia and elsewhere but we strongly believe that in order to control quality and service you have to be a hands-on Manager. You cannot manage effectively these factors from a long distance.

The latest imitator was selling our former bookkeeper’s products, the ones with a removable toe, and in spite of our pointing this out to him, he continued to do so until he was able to get someone in China to copy our product to the last detail, including the use of stretchy and durable PVC.

The colour coding for size is identical to ours but he only carries 6 sizes and not 7 (XXXL) like we do.

We also offer our product in white PVC, pink toes for ladies and now with a composite toe.

We can do this because we are committed to this business and not as a sideline for other wares.

Rest assured that we will continue to provide you with unsurpassed quality and service as well as, a very competitive price. All this and made in North America to boot.

On another note, we have begun to export to our distributors in Brazil and our first order is on its way.

We anticipate Brazil to be a great market and would like to thank our colleagues at H3E for their marketing strategy and efforts. Muchas Gracias!!

Until the next time!!!

PS: I would be remiss if I didn’t send a warm St. Patrick’s Day greeting to all our Irish friends and sympathizers. Cheers!!!!

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