December Update

Dear friends and associates, first of all, we at Wilkuro would like to thank all of you for the successful year we have had.

We measure success not only by the sheer volume sold but by other parameters such as percentage of order filled in full, low customer returns and claims, repeat business and increase in new sales. All of these surpassed our expectations and we look forward to continuing to provide the same level of excellence and quality for years to come. Thank you!!!!

We have had our overshoe tested with a composite toe and it passed the drop and compression tests with flying colors. We are therefore ready to offer this product to our distributors starting in 2011.

The composite toe provides the same level of protection as the steel toe and yet it is much lighter and has some distinct advantages over the steel toe.

The composite toe will not be color coded for sizing but will only have the size stamped on the bottom of the overshoe.

As previously stated, we are working on several other projects besides the composite toe and should have some exciting news early in 2011.

Stay tuned.

In conclusion, all of us at Wilkuro want to wish all our associates, their families, and by extension their clients’ families, all the best of the Holiday Season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

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