September News

Dear friends and associates, it has been some time since we have updated our blog but please accept our apologies and rest assured that it was not intentional.

The past fiscal year ending on July 31, 2010 was indeed an exceptionally busy one where we ventured into new frontiers and introduced a wider range of products to our customers.

We have sent several orders to South America, especially to our largest Distributor in Peru, Semark International.  Brazil, a country with a population of 180 million inhabitants has also been ordering the Wilkuro Safety Toe on a regular basis.

As well, our product has been featured at a Safety Show in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in early October will be part of the Semark Booth in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Unfortunately I will not be able to personally participate at this show but will certainly be at the next one. Our European representatives, AKTA International are doing an excellent job covering Continental Europe as are our colleagues from Merseyside in England.

Sales of the XXXL have surpassed our expectations as we had to scramble on occasion to ensure we did not short any customers. There are several other exciting projects we are working on at this moment and in due time I will provide details as they evolve.

Once again, we would like to thank all our customers, associates and friends for the faith and support they have given us over the past year and please rest assured that we will continue to work towards providing you with the best quality product at the most economical price.

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