June Blog

Dear Friends: Please excuse the delay in posting this Blog but June has been an extremely busy month both in Sales and other activities even more important.


As most of you know, we have had for sometime representation in Europe (AKTA Trading),The UK (Merseyside), Mexico (Central de Suministros), Peru (Semark), Australia (Martor and Express Industrial Sales) and we have now added Equip SEC in the Dominican Republic.

Please contact us if you require service from any of these fine representatives.

In areas where we do not have representatives, we had no choice but to sell directly and this included South Africa, China, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Japan and Brazil. We have also had orders through our reps into Chile and Argentina.

As well, we have many inquiries on a daily basis from the USA, Canada and Mexico and we are proud to say that we have superb coverage in all these areas.

What is truly gratifying is when a potential client calls from anywhere in the globe and he/she specifically requests the Wilkuro brand. This means a lot to us.


Jack and I attended three golf tournaments that support various charities.

We believe that you can have fun, partake of a physically healthy activity and at the same time help those less fortunate.

In early June we played at the Two/Ten Foundation of Canada Golf Tournament.

This is a charity whose motto is “Shoe People helping Shoe People”. It is the only industry that has its own charity to reach out to shoe people and their families to help out when there is a need for that help. Their bursary program has been a vital assistance and a welcome encouragement for the sons and daughters of parents working in shoe stores, factories and other sectors of the industry who want to pursue a dream of a higher education and need some help.

Every year, the Two/Ten Foundation of Canada donates between 35 and 40 thousand pairs of new boots and shoes to needy and deserving families across Canada.

In June 5 we helped to sponsor a Knights of Columbus Golf Tournament.

We were proud to be able to help the Knight of Columbus continue with their

Various charity endeavours and we have already pledged our support for the following year.

On June 21 we travelled to Woodstock, Ontario to partake in the first ever France-Anne Sweeny Memorial Foundation Golf Tournament.

Once again this is a really worthwhile cause in memory of France-Anne Sweeny, a young and energetic person who passed away tragically following an equestrian accident: a first class tournament that collected over $42,000 for several charities and the France-Anne Sweeny Foundation. We also look forward to participating next year.

As you can see, we have had a busy month but one filled with a sense of fulfilment and gratification.

If you wish to support any of these charities, please contact us for details.

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